Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or something Healthy ?...

Here is my Halloween themed painting I'll be putting in the gallery at Nelvana this week :)
& some of the reference/texture material I used to create it. See if you can find all the textures in the painting:)

The story behind the painting I was thinking was the three monsters decide to go trick or treating for the first time after they try some candy for the first time and love it. They are not impressed when they receive the fruit at first, but maybe that becomes their candy of choice ?
I don't really have time to do a background for it at the moment but maybe in the future :)

Thanks to my pal Dean Outschoorn who helped me come up with the apple idea.
Happy Halloween ! & don't forget to have those apples ready...I mean candy!


adam de Vries said...

this is great kirk,

did you draw this with pencil first? or that's to old school now pencil and paper, either way it looks great, keep in touch,

your ol pal,

Kirk Jorgensen said...

Hey de Vries,

yes sir good ole pencil and paper is how I usually start my drawings... can't beat it. you still draw on paper?

adam de Vries said...

sometimes, for fun, but now drawing everything on tablet and alias skechbook,

keep it up,
it looks great