Saturday, September 10, 2011

NY Central Park

This past summer my wife and I traveled to New York City for a mini vacation. These are some of my sketches from touring Central Park. It was a beautiful summer day.
a jazz band playing in Central Park... you'd have to agree It's kinda nice drawing to music.
these drawings were done just outside the central park south entrance in the morning.
I spent more time watching then drawing at this spot. The New York city rollerskating club, there were some awesome characters here, swayn', jivn' & groovn' to there music.
Outside of the Boathouse restaurant this man played his harmonica. He had a couple of requests from this lady. It was pretty cute actually, she sang to a couple of songs while he played.
Central Park has quite a few baseball diamonds... I've never drawn baseball players in action before...

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Trent Correy said...

Kirk! Keep posting man, I just remembered I have to get back to your email!
I hope all is good!