Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tim Burton Inspiration

So I was fortunate to get to check out the Tim Burton exhibit here in Toronto yesterday. It was amazing to see his early creations and his concept art from Black Cauldron... none of which was used in the final film.
One thing I took away from the experience was the number of different mediums Burton uses to express his creativity from poetry, to sculpting to varieties of pencils and paints... I guess that's what an artist does... creation & experimentation.
I recommend the exhibit to anyone.
Anyway after viewing his collection of works I had to get a pen and create something. so post exhibit we went across the street for a few drinks, while waiting for Batman Returns to start... here are a couple of sketches on some good ole fashioned restaurant napkins, with a little added color.

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Mario Richard said...

Hey Kirk, thanks!

Yeah CTN was awesome huh?

You where there, but we didn't meet again thought right?

I like the cafe sketches you have here, I should be doing the same since I'm taking a metro everyday.