Monday, November 22, 2010

CTN 2010

I just got back home from an amazing weekend at the 2nd annual CTN expo. (or as my wife says "the nerd convention" pshh! o.k.. well maybe a little :)

I attended some great seminars, and got to meet some of the world's finest talents.
So inspiring, educational, exhausting,& yet refreshing!
I also got to meet & thank the founder and organizer of the event; Tina Price, for putting an event like this together.

Hopefully it will offer the same elements and even more next year. I would encourage anyone who couldn't make it this year to do your best for the next one.

Meeting artists that share similar passions & dreams was pretty amazing.

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Ben Reynolds said...

Hey Man, I'm definitely going to try and make it next year..I've wanted to this year and last but it hasn't happened. Next year is the year!

i hope.