Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skating on the World's "LARGEST" skating Rink

Growing up in Ottawa, Canada, every year, around this time there was always a frozen piece of ice to skate on known as the Rideau Canal.

From school day field trips, to skating with my family & friends, or on a "hot" date. Sometimes your toes were frozen numb, other times the ice was barely skate-able. Either way, it was always a great time.(Usually included some hot chocolate and of course a Beaver Tail or two.)
Those who have experienced the Rideau canal or are from O-town know exactly what I'm talking about!

I came up with the drawing while at work just a quick sketch. I tried to keep it loose and simple. I then added the background & color in Photoshop.

- Just encase you were wondering (Winnipeg, Man. lays claim to world's "longest" skating path)... according to wikipedia.

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tom jolliffe said...

path not rink..we win..i love beaver.....tails