Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pixar Masterclass Montreal 09

in this photo: Kirk Jorgensen, Andrew Gordon, Mathew Luhn, Alvin Cruzado, Fred Tang.

So it's been just over a week since I was in Montreal. For those of you curious how the class went, well... it was great. I think there were just over 100 people in attendance.
The first day Andrew covered a ton of material pertaining to animation. He used a wide variety of examples from both live action and animated films (not to mention a few clips from The Jungle Book, my favorite of the Disney films). He also talked about his process into planning, blocking and animating a scene.
The second day concentrated on Storyboarding and Storytelling. Matt was awesome, giving us a look at the Pixar process that they use to create stories. He told us their secrets! BOOhHaaaahhAaa...ha!!!(evil laugh, while taping fingers together)
Oh! and they also had door prizes, I won a really nice book from the new movie "UP".

So what did I take from this experience..? Well with the tips and knowledge gathered, I try to apply it to my daily material as well as continuing building my portfolio. I know I am a better animator/storyteller after that weekend.
I guess it doesn't hurt to get better at your craft everyday, ..whatever it may be.

Thanks again! to Andrew Gordon, Matt Luhn and the folks from VANARTS for the inspiring classes.
Well back to work... :)


Ben Reynolds said...

Dude this must have been a great experience..nice work dude.

Kyu-bum Lee said...

Hah. dude, no way. I attended that class too!